Other handmade products

In this product group, you can find other products from the Alisa Designs selection. The selection includes:

  • Christmas tree decoration elves and angels

  • Reflector jewelry

  • Computer mouse "jackets"

  • Teddy bear cell phone cases

  • Reflectors

  • Women's silk alpaca beanies

  • Made-by-order adult mittens with appliqué

  • Made-by-order adult bamboo-cotton basketball shoes

  • False bee nests

I will mail finished products to buyers within 1-2 days of ordering.

If you are interested in order products or have any other wishes, please contact us using the Take contact form at the bottom of the page. 

The delivery time for made-by-order products is one week from the order. The time required for the delivery of the order may be longer than this, if I don't have the materials needed for the product ready and they cannot be found in local stores. At that time, the delivery time is affected by how quickly I can get the materials ordered from elsewhere. I will tell you what the estimated delivery time is when we agree on the order.

Jewelry and ornaments

Cell phone cases

Adult accessories

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