Doll's clothes and other toys

You can find in the doll clothes and toy selection of Alisa Designs

  • baby doll's clothes (Baby born doll or similar 42-45 cm long doll)
  • clothes for a 41 cm (16 inch) tall Disney Animator doll or other similar sized doll
  • soft toys (crocheted teddies and bunnies, crocheted snakes and twiddling toys)
  • crocheted play foods (hamburger and hotdog meals, cold meats, sandwich accessories, ice cream, cookies, donuts and root vegetables).

The doll's clothes for different sizes dolls are about more than just clothes. When you order an outfit, you get much more than a single item of clothing. In addition to clothes, the outfits include, for example, shoes, bags, belts, jewelry, headbands, caps and toys. It is also possible to customize outfits so that their content is changed in some part, a product is added to it or a product is removed from it.

Available made by order

  • outfits for dolls of different sizes

  • other kinds and different sizes of soft toys

  • other types of play foods

  • other toy products according to customers' wishes.

If you have a doll's clothes or a toy in mind that you can't find in the selection, contact us using the Take contact form at the bottom of the page.

16 inch animator doll clothes


Oh, what a wonderful package arrived today!! ❤️🌹 - Milena
Thanks for the lovely clothes! They are absolutely perfect ❤️ -Milena
Thank you for the lovely outfit ❤ fits the Kristoff doll really well 😊 Milena
Merida in her new outfit 😍 clothes by the talented @alisa_designs <3 -Milena
This set is ravishing! Very well made and a perfect fit. So happy. Thank you! - Suzanne

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