Twiddle muffs

What is a twiddle muff?

Twiddle muff is a knitted, crocheted or sewn muff with tassels, buttons, beads, ribbons, tassels, crocheted, woven or sewn pom poms, animal figures and/or flowers attached to both the outside and inside, crocheting soft coated bottle caps with something that rattles inside. When it comes to designing muffs, the only limit is your imagination. 

Who can twiddle muffs help?

The target groups of the twiddle muffs are e.g. people with memory disease, autistic and visually impaired people and people with adhd. Twiddle muffs have also been used in storytime lessons to make it easier for children to focus on listening. You can give a muff or a twiddle bracelet as an individual gift to anyone to warm their hands.

How does the twiddle muff work?

Twiddle muff gives hands that are used to the activity something to do, calms down, helps to concentrate, gives joy and comfort and brings back memories and activates. The yarns, shapes and decorations of the bouncy cup activate the sense of touch and provide stimulation also through the sense of sight and hearing. There is also research evidence of the positive effects of the muffs.

You made a twiddle muff for my mom. Thanks for that. She really twiddled on it. (Oili V. Loimaa)

Twiddle muff selection

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Paying attention to the recipient of the muff

The muff can be personalized by taking the interests of the recipient into account: what has been your loved one's favorite place or landscape where they felt to be at home? What is his pet, favorite color, favorite season? The starting point for the personalization of the muff can also be the colors, the hobbies of the recipient of the muff and other points of interest.

Pleasant things are related to emotional memories, things that evoke positive feelings. Emotional memories are also the most permanent memories and last for more than decades. Emotional memories can be used when making a personalized twiddle muff for a memory sufferer.

Esimerkkejä personoiduista muhveista

Examples of personalized muffs

If you want to get a personalized muff, taking into account the recipient, send a message using the contact form below. In the message field, you can tell about your wishes related to the muff or, for example, what things the recipient of the muff likes. We can also think about things to consider in the muffs together when I contact you after receiving your message.

Muff ideas

Other things to consider when making muffs

Care and Cleaning Instructions:

  • The muff can be washed in the washing machine at 40°C/104°F.
  • Place the muff in the laundry bag before putting it in the machine.
  • Air dry afterward.

Craftsmanship and Safety:

  • Crafted with love and care, the muff ensures both durability and comfort.
  • Muffs are made taking into account the fact that they must not have parts that can come off when twiddling. For example, buttons or beads are not suitable for everyone's muffs and if they are used, they should be well fastened.
  • In oour muff collection there are muffs with no buttons or beads as embellishments, making it safe for individuals who might otherwise detach and ingest such items.

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