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Alisa Designs is a one-woman craft business that was born out of a love for making things with hands. Alisa Designs makes and sells handmade clothes and accessories for fashion dolls, Disney Animator dolls and baby dolls as well as twiddle muffs. The products are Alisa Designs' own collection, the implementation of which has partially utilized recycled materials. I also make handmade products to order.

In the design of Alisa Designs' products, one of the main ideas is well-being. For example, when designing and making doll clothes, I considered the importance of play in a child's growth. When I'm making twiddle muffs, I use emotional memories and their importance in the well-being of a memory sufferer.

I will tell more about the stories behind the products in the blog posts on this page. Alisa Designs started its operations in the fall of 2019. In the name of the company, Alisa is an abbreviation of my first name. Designs, on the other hand, indicates that the products for sale are Alisa Designs' own collection and the products are unique: no two similar products are completely identical to each other.

Time will tell in which direction the product range will develop. Only your imagination is the limit to what you can do with your hands!

On the product pages you can find more information about Alisa Designs products and the stories behind the products. The website also has a blog where I write about topics related to products, handicrafts or other products.

Welcome to get to know the products and the stories behind them!


I am Anna-Liisa Lämsä, the founder of Alisa Designs and also the designer and implementer of the products.

I have a doctorate in education and I am an educational psychologist, a teacher of psychology and educational subjects, a work ability coordinator and a day nurse. My educational background can also be seen in craft business as a pedagogy and more generally in thinking related to well-being and its support.

Anna-Liisa Lämsä

For example, the design of doll clothes is based on the idea of the importance of role-play in children's growth. Through play, children deal with their relationship with the world around them, whether it's about thinking about different professions and roles or, for example, dealing with thoughts and feelings related to the corona pandemic and/or their own or a loved one's illness. I have taken into account the development stages of children in the manufacture of products, also in terms of product safety and the easy wearability of both children's accessories and doll clothes.

Doll outfits are the basis of Alisa Designs' product range. The twiddle muffs, on the other hand, give the restless hands of a memory sufferer something to do, and the landscape muffs bring back emotional memories. 

Alisa Designs products are designed and made by me. Of course, I got ideas for them from products made by others. Other people's products or the customer's wishes serve as a starting point. From that point on, I thought about how to implement the product myself, whether it was about the customer's wishes related to order work or my own product ideas.

Making things with my hands has been my hobby since childhood. Due to my hobby, the profession of craft teacher was one of the careers suggested to me in my youth. I did become a teacher, but not a craft teacher.

However, crafts remained a beloved pastime. I made clothes for myself and my husband and especially for our boys when they were little. I also made some clothes for the children of relatives and friends. Over the years, I have made several Fashion Doll outfits. On that side, the idea of a craft business developed.

Alisa Designs has fashion doll outfits, clothes for bigger dolls and sensory muffs ready for immediate shipping to customers. In addition, I make products to order, designing the products from the customer's wishes.

As a rule, I get the ordered products ready for shipment within a week of the order. A small delay can be caused if the necessary materials are not immediately available, but I have to order them.

Contact me if you would like a product that is not yet in the selection. You can find one soon :)

I work as a craft entrepreneur for the love of crafts. Every product is made with love and care with customer satisfaction in mind.

Welcome to my product selection!


Customer orientation

Customer orientation

The starting point of the operation is customer orientation. I plan and implement the products taking into account the wishes of the customers. When sending the products, I also consider the customers and the fact that they receive the products as quickly and flexibly as possible.



When designing and manufacturing products, I pay attention to well-being and its promotion: how play supports a child's growth, how well-being can be promoted by jumping, how to keep wasps away from unwanted places, etc. Here I make use of my educational and experience background and the information they produce about factors affecting well-being.



Alisa Designs' product selection includes unique handmade products. You will not find completely similar products anywhere else. The creative design of the products can be based on the customer's wishes or ideas provided by the materials.



When making products, I pay attention to quality. I respond to messages sent by customers within 24 hours and send the products on the agreed schedule. I use recycled materials in the manufacture of products when it is justified considering the quality and ecology of the product.

Alisa Designs atelier

Alisa Designs atelier

Alisa Designs Atelier, where I make products and which also serves as a warehouse for supplies and finished products. The drawers of the low dresser are full of products, ready to be sent to customers immediately.

Alisa Designs mailing

Alisa Designs mailing

I ship orders for finished products within 1-2 days. Made-to-order products are ready for shipping within a week, if I don't have to order materials for them. I use tracking for all orders over €10.

Star seller -badge

Star seller badge

I’ have been a Star Seller on Etsy most of the time during the last year! That means you can purchase from my Etsy shop knowing I have a record of providing an excellent customer experience. https://etsy.me/3jDDOhM #EtsyStarSeller.