Customized to Fulfill Your Wishes - Products made by order

Do you still remember the dolls you had when you were little? What kind of clothes did your dolls wear? What sorts of feelings do the memories evoke in you? When I was little, my grandmother bought me a Fashion Doll and a red satin dress for the doll. I loved my doll and her gorgeous dress. This later inspired me to start making Fashion Doll clothes for my siblings’ and friends’ children. Then, three years ago, I founded an online store to make doll clothes for others as well.

Early on, I made Fashion Doll clothes from my own designs that included shirts, skirts, pants, dresses, evening gowns, cardigans, sweaters, outdoor jackets and more. My Fashion Doll clothing collection also had bags, belts, shoes, jewelry and other accessories for the dolls. The dolls had a lifestyle of their own along with stylish clothing and accessories for every occasion. Whether they were sleeping, out shopping, visiting, spending time on the beach, celebrating weddings, or going to parties, these dolls were living their best lives. These were the things that I had done with my own dolls when I was little. Now I want to spark creativity in others.

I began to create role-playing costumes such as nurses’ uniforms and cowboy/cowgirl outfits for the dolls. After making these outfits and hearing personal stories from the customers, I was so surprised and happy from the feedback. One mother ordered a doll’s nurse’s outfit for her son who had recently been in the hospital. Another mother found a perfect gift idea in the nurse’s outfit for her daughter and friend who worked as Covid-19 nurses. I have also received orders from people who themselves have worked as nurses. One customer told me she bought the cowboy outfit to make her friend’s favourite Western character come to life! The outfits can awaken and rekindle comfortable emotional memories.

Over the last couple of years, I have received questions from customers asking me if I can make customized designs in case they did not find what they were looking for in my collection. I never shy away from a challenge, and I am proud to say that in many cases I have been able to fulfill their wishes. Some custom designs that I have made include a male Fashion Doll’s bag, a nurse’s uniform with protective clothing, a western TV show character’s outfits, and an ambulance nurse’s outfit. When it comes to customization, oftentimes, the only limitation is your imagination!

It remains to be seen what the next new products will be. Will they be my own ideas, or will they come from the customers to make their wishes come true?

Red dress for fashion doll
Paramedic uniforms for fashion dolls
Western style for fashion dolls
Covid-19 uniforms for fashion dolls
Ambulance clothing for a doll