Twiddle muff ideas

This page contains pictures of the twiddle muffs I have made in the past. Among the previously completed muffs, there are various landscape muffs, such as a countryhouse yard, a cottage yard, cows and sheep in a pasture. Landscape muffs can also be counted as traveling by car, by the sea, chickens onto the meadow, Scotland, hedgehogs in autumn, cats in the moonlight, sheep in the pasture, and summer, autumn and winter muffs. Other topics for the muffs have been cars, laundry day, grandma's room, flowers, cornflowers, Finland 100 years and the rainbow, as well as cat, dog, cow, fox and hedgehog muffs. I have also made handbag muffs and

spread  muffs.

For example, the following questions can be used in the design of an individual muff:

  • what kind of things does the recipient of the muff like?
  • what is his/her favorite season?
  • what is his/her familiar landscape/favorite place like, a place where he has felt to be at home and safe?
  • what is his/her favorite color?
  • what are his/her pets?
  • what are his/her hobbies?

When I asked these questions, I received, among other things, the following answers:

  • red cottage by the lake, autumn

  • Hailuoto, the sea, berries, flowers and birds

  • car travel in Finland

  • sport and cat

  • red color, black stallion and Scottish sheepdog

  • group camping

  • pink, soft and fluffy cat

  • car pool

You can find more information on things to consider when designing an individual muff

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